Path to Glory

Path to Glory

140.00 every month

FOUR one-hour lessons A MONTH: weekly personalized crucible lessons focused around your gameplay. Over seasons of working together, we’ll break down high-tier gameplay into digestible chunks, focusing on the skill sets and game knowledge you need to know to be successful in the crucible. When booking this package, our lesson consistency will allow us to develop the most clear plan of action for your immediate and long-term improvement, work towards focused goals for your play. If you are serious about becoming a terror of the crucible, this lesson regimen will ensure you are on that path.

This package includes:

  • Personal gameplay review and breakdown x12

  • Private match gameplay for map-knowledge/habit-building/positioning practice x12

  • A written breakdown of reviewed gameplay w/ a practice guide each week for your next SEASON of play

  • A large scope breakdown of goals and practice methods for your next SEASON of play, providing the maximum amount of detail and direction for your short and long term development

BY REQUEST: This package can be modified and done as a 2-hour slot every other week instead of a weekly one-hour slot.

These lessons are taught on PC by Huffy or Maplewood, who can be found at and Huffy is a max-rank Competitive player with thousands of hours of successful Trials of Osiris carries and 7+ years of teaching experience across multiple disciplines. Maplewood is a max-rank Competitive player with high-proficiency experience across the FPS spectrum, including CS:GO, PUBG, and Team Fortress 2. He brings this widened perspective to his teaching.

To inquire further or set up lessons on Playstation or Xbox, feel free to contact