Luna's Howl

Luna's Howl

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Luna’s Howl recovery for Destiny 2 on PC, Xbox, or PS4.

Luna’s Howl is the first of two Pinnacle Crucible Rewards added with Forsaken. It is currently the fastest time-to-kill hand cannon in the game. This legendary hand cannon features the perk Magnificent Howl, causing consecutive shots after two precision hits to do more than double the base damage. This allows for fast, long-range three-taps in the Crucible and powerful enemy melting in PvE while landing precision hits.

This quest will be completed via account recovery by a verified sherpa. You will be emailed within 24 hours of your order to schedule service.

If you have already progressed through early quest steps and would like a custom set of steps within this quest completed on your account, please use the contact form to provide us the specifics of your standing and we’ll get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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Precision Frame: Intrinsic Perk. Recoil pattern is predictably vertical. Fires quickly with high accuracy.  

  • Polygonal Rifling: Reduced recoil barrel, increases stability. 

  • Drop Mag: Magazine drops when reloading which wastes ammo, but increases reload speed.

  • Zen Moment: Causing damage increases stability. 

  • Magnificent Howl: Rapidly landing two precision shots grants a short period of bonus damage until the next kill or miss. 

Full Luna’s Howl Questline:

  • Complete 10 matches in the Competitive Playlist

  • Deal 150 final blows with a hand cannon in the competitive playlist

  • Get 200 solar final blows in the competitive playlist

  • Complete three Rumble matches

  • Deal 100 precision final blows with a hand cannon in the competitive playlist

  • Reach rank 2100 in the competitive playlist

  • Return to Lord Shaxx