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Campaign/leveling recovery for Destiny 2 on PC, Xbox, or PS4.

This service will provide Forsaken campaign completion, power leveling to 50, and access to the Dreaming City. Alternatively, the all campaigns option will take a fresh account through the main campaign, all expansion campaigns, power leveling to 50, and access to the Dreaming City.

Our team of highly skilled sherpas know the most efficient methods for speedrunning and power leveling and can get your character endgame ready fast.

This package includes the acquisitions of all three main subclasses and one Forsaken subclass of your choosing. All relevant loot acquired during the process will be stored in your vault and be ready waiting at the completion of your service.

This package will be completed via account recovery. Upon purchase, one of our sherpas will be in contact with you within 24 hours to schedule your service. To request custom service, please use our contact form to explain the details of your needs and we will provide a quote as soon as possible.

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