Scourge of the Past

Scourge of the Past

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Scourge of the Past raid completion recovery for PC, Xbox, and PS4.

The Scourge of the Past raid is now LIVE in the Black Armory expansion, featuring four complex encounters and some highly coveted loot.

The Threat Level shotgun, pictured below, is finally replacing the Ikelos shotgun as the king of PvE special ammo DPS. Featuring the trench barrel perk, it shreds boss and captain health after a melee but also comes with graverobber to reload on melee kills and sits conveniently in the primary slot. In addition, the Anarchy, this raid’s possible exotic, is one of the most unique weapons to grace a guardian’s hand in Destiny. It allows you to shoot out arc projectiles that chain lightning between them to eradicate anything caught in between. Every raid completion has a chance to reward these drops, along with a brand new fusion, scout, rocket launcher, unique exotic sparrow, and randomly rolled raid sets which can drop with enhanced perks!

Each raid is completed via account recovery. After ordering, one of our sherpas will email you shortly to schedule your service. Requires the Black Armory expansion and 625 light level.

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