Wish Ender

Wish Ender

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Wish Ender recovery for Destiny 2 on PC, Xbox, or PS4.

The Wish Ender bow is one of the most unique exotics added with Forsaken. It’s exotic perk, Queen’s Wrath, highlights and locates enemy players through walls, allowing you to prepare for your next attack.

The quest for this weapon will be completed via account recovery. One of our sherpas will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your service.

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Queen's Wrath

  • While aiming down sights with a fully-drawn bow, enemies behind walls are highlighted.

High Tension String

  • Tightly strung bow. • Increases accuracy • Slightly slower draw time • Slightly decreases stability

Anti-Taken Fletching

  • Specialized to fight Taken targets. • Increases accuracy


  • Piercing arrowhead that damages the target on entry and exit. One shot can overpenetrate multiple targets.