Valor Reset

Valor Reset

from 180.00

Valor reset recovery for Destiny 2 on PC, Xbox, or PS4.

Valor resets are necessary for pinnacle rewards, Shaxx’s god roll Better Devils, and certain crucible emblems. During the rank up process, you’ll receive multiple pieces of randomly rolled crucible gear, legendary shards, masterwork cores, and a chance at exotic engrams.

Our team of PvP sherpas will make sure you win-streak through the ranks, maximizing your leveling efficiency. Each Valor reset you order will be done in FULL, meaning your character will be leveled to legend and then ranked up to your current point progress towards another reset.

This service is provided via account recovery. After ordering, you will be contacted by one of our sherpas within 24 hours to schedule your service as soon as possible.

For further inquiries or to request custom service, please use our contact form.

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